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The following suggestions are optional assignments for students attending Nurses Day at the Capitol, sponsored by Oklahoma Nurses Association. The first group of assignments is designed for students prior to attending the event. The second group is a possibility for students to complete during attendance at the event. The third group focuses on learning which may occur after the event.

This guide is offered to enhance student’s participation and learning on a legislative day. PLEASE DO NOT ASK STUDENTS TO OBTAIN COPIES OF BILLS FROM THE CAPITOL PRINTING OFFICE. All legislative bills in their current form are available at

I. Prior to Attending Legislative Day

    1. Obtain the names of your state senator and state representative: Click here
    2. Outline how a bill becomes a law in Oklahoma.
    3. Contact your legislator(s) for an appointment on the afternoon of Nurses Day at the Capitol for a meeting, for a photo, or for lobbying purposes.
    4. Share ONA Legislative PowerPoint & How a Bill Becomes a Law with them. They can also view the OK Policy Guide. Click here to read How an Idea Becomes a Law.

II. During Legislative Day Program

For each bill mentioned by speakers, list the following:

    1. Bill number and name.
    2. How the bill is related to ONA Legislative Priorities (in the packet).
    3. Reasons to support the bill and possible objections to it.

III. After Legislative Day

    1. Listen to the presentation of the bill in either the Senate or the House.
    2. Write a letter to your legislator supporting any of the bills presented. (Negotiate with faculty for bonus points or credit for this assignment.)
    3. Make an appointment with Vickie White-Rankin for lobbying during this session of the Oklahoma Legislature.
    4. Sign up to volunteer as Student Nurse of the Day by calling 405-840-3476.

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