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oklahoma nurses association c.a.r.e.s program

CARES Consultant

ONA's C.A.R.E.S workplace consultant can assist nurses in advocating for themselves as they share their concerns, learn about their options and advocate for themselves for the best possible outcome.

How Can Nurses and ONA Work Together to Solve Workplace Issues?

Oklahoma nurses should not be forced to face difficult workplace issues alone. The CARES consultant will listen to nurse's workplace concerns and discuss available resources, potential solutions and legal options. While not providing formal legal representation, the program provides a listening ear and an educated advocate in formulating the best first steps for change, with the member ultimately selecting the most appropriate solution(s) for the situation.

Potential resolutions may include a review of employer policies, ONA and ANA position statements as well as other conflict resolution tools and strategies. With careful adherence to professional norms, the CARES consultant will also provide referral services for issues beyond the scope of this service to a more appropriate source, such as formal legal counsel, an employee assistance counselor or nurse peer assistance. When a nurse works with the CARES program ONA will be focused on: 

    • Reducing the negative consequences for speaking up.
    • Addressing organizational unresponsiveness to patient care issues and nurses' needs.
    • Education the nurse on how they can speak up and support them in the process.


What Specific Services Does the CARES Program Provide?

The services of the ONA CARES Program range from promoting workplace safety and advocating for an environment that fosters safe and effective patient care, to more innovative and assertive measures deployed in response to crisis situations. The ONA CARES consultant will:

    • Focus on the individual nurse and the environment in which he or she works.
    • Support nurses' professional responsibilities to advocate on one's own behalf.
    • Assist nurses to refine communication skills that are open, non-adversarial and invoke a spirit of building bridges to understanding.
    • Work collaboratively with nurse executives, managers, and administrators.
    • Include a system that supports nurses in seeking solutions to problems.
    • Develop nurses who are skilled an supported in presenting concerns and resolving conflicts.

This service is provided to all nurses but is limited to one time for non-members. ONA Members in good standing have unlimited access.

Submit Your Information to the CARES Consultant

For more information, call the Oklahoma Nurses Association at 405-840-3476

6608 N. Western, #627 | Oklahoma City, OK 73116

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