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Emerging Nurses at the Oklahoma Nurses Association

Have you been a nurse for less than five years but more than five minutes? If so, then you want to know about Emerging Nurses. This is a special interest group of the Oklahoma Nurses Association. This is a professional group whose participants are registered nurses from all different backgrounds and levels of experience. Emerging Nurses provides a safe forum where individuals from these different specialty areas can come together to support and learn from one another.

As a new RN, it is sometimes difficult to find where you fit in among the health care community. This group provides new nurses with networking opportunities and a chance to discover areas of nursing that may not have been available to them before. Emerging Nurses eagerly addresses today’s hot topics in nursing, as well as nursing care on a daily basis. We are developing a rich foundation in community service, leadership opportunities, and education. We believe that community involvement and service is a vital part of any organization. Emerging Nurses also gives new nurses the opportunity to share and capitalize on their ideas for the nursing community. This group thrives on innovation and fresh perceptions.

Emerging Nurses gives the less experienced nurse a voice and a community. With the help of the Oklahoma Nurse’s Association, Emerging Nurses will prepare professional nurses to become more involved with nursing organizations throughout their career. The primary objective of our group is to help new nurses thrive and grow within the nursing community professionally and personally.

The Oklahoma Nurses Association is proud to present and support the Emerging Nurses Special Interest Group. ONA is the professional association for all registered nurses in Oklahoma across all specialties and practice settings. ONA addresses the issues that face nursing on a daily basis, as well as other issues of importance: nurse-force numbers, workplace safety, standards of care, scope of practice, and patient safety.

If you would like to be part of or learn more about the Emerging Nurses Special Interest Group at ONA, then please email or call the ONA at (405) 840-3476.

6608 N. Western, #627 | Oklahoma City, OK 73116

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